Pragmatically Chic Table Setting

Pragmatically Chic Table Setting

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pretty Pragmatic

A couple of years ago, I helped plan a Fall wedding for a couple who live in the country and have a three-acre property.  They wanted to have their reception in a tent erected on their property among the mature shade trees to the side of their house.

The tent and rentals were going to eat up a good deal of their budget, but the bride had her heart set on lots of flowers, so I suggested we go to Sue Parker of Grove Floral Shop in Deptford to come up with the perfect, pragmatic solution to centerpieces (rectangular tables for 200 guests) on a budget.  Sue knows just how to please when it seems that there is no happy solution.  The bouquets and centerpieces she fashioned were perfect for the decor (down-home country) and for the budget.  We added potted mums, bales of hay, and Mason jar hurricanes hung on small shepherd's hooks.  The look was perfect for this country home wedding.

Being pragmatic means knowing where to go and who to ask.  Just one of the ways the right planner can help.

Country Chic - Rectangles of hydrangea and other country garden flowers on burlap runners

                                      Bride's bouquet with roses, daisies, and greens                    

Bouquets doing double duty framing the cake. 

 The path to the tent at twilight.  The potted mums came from a local farm.

All images courtesy of Jeff Reeder Photography